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Bad Boss
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  • 나쁜 상사
  • 나쁜 상사
  • 나쁜 상사
  • 나쁜 상사
  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Pin-up Boy
  • Romance
  • Korea
  • 2018
  • 103min
  • World Premiere
  • 18
프로그램 정보
143 7/13   17:00CGV Bucheon 6
  • 18
  • 예매
307 7/15   18:30Korea Manhwa Museum
  • 18
  • gv
  • 예매
913 7/21   20:30Korea Manhwa Museum
  • 18
  • 예매

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This film is based on an adult webtoon of the same title. Seung-gyu is living a new life as an elite employee, hiding his dark past. Then one day, Min who put Seung-gyu in misery appears in front of him. He seduces Young-jo for revenge on her.

Program Note

A bad boss. The fact that he pursues pleasure every night doesn’t mean bad. Nor is it bad for the fact that he gives a difficult task. He has a bad past. That does not necessarily mean that it is bad. There is a bad past. It happened because of a bad junior who was living with him. The bad junior came under the bad boss. What a bad connection. And there is a not bad (kind) woman being pushed into their bad relationship. Between the two bad guys the woman is confused. Then comes the woman who did the worst in the history of her bad boss. The situation gets worse and worse.
That’s right. This film decides to be a bad thing. When bad people get together, there is no way not to be bad. Also if bad people get in the middle, things get worse. Just as bad situations are not easy to make good movies, they are not easy to make very bad movies. To make matters worse, it is not an easy task to translate the original adult webtoon that covered the bad stories into animations. Nevertheless, when shown in the Fantastic Film Festival, it can give quite a strange pleasure. (NAH Ho-won)


BAEK Jong-seok
BAEK Jong-seok

After majoring in visual design at Chonbuk National University, he graduated from the Korean National University of Arts with a master's degree in animation. His major works include the TV series Super Darung (2006) and Hello Jadoo (2013), and he is currently working as an animation director for NEXTORY Inc.


  • ProducerKim Jeong-seon
  • ScreenplayKim Sang-hwa
  • Author of the Original WorkNeon B
  • CinematographerBlenheim
  • EditorKim Jeong-seon, Kim Sang-woo
  • MusicSung Ki-wan
  • Production DesignKim Seong-cheol
  • CastKim Jang, Kim Seo-young, Min Seung-woo
  • SalesNEXTORY Inc.