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My Little Monster
  • 옆자리 괴물군
  • 옆자리 괴물군
  • 옆자리 괴물군
  • 옆자리 괴물군
  • 옆자리 괴물군
  • Tears
  • Pin-up Boy
  • Bombshell
  • Romance
  • Schoolgirl
  • Japan
  • 2018
  • 105min
  • International Premiere
  • G
프로그램 정보
339 7/15   12:50CGV Bucheon 4
  • G
  • 예매
434 7/16   20:00CGV Bucheon 4
  • G
  • 예매
1009 7/22   11:30Korea Manhwa Museum
  • G
  • 예매

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Shizuku who went to give the assignment to Haru who caused troubles and did not come to school. Haru admits such Shizuku as his only friend. Their relationship is shown us the existence of various people and worlds with unique personality rather than monsters.

Program Note

Yoshida Haru makes trouble as soon as he entered a high school and is keep being absent. Mizutani Shizuku, who sits next to him, visits Haru to deliver homework. Touched by her unintended kindness, Haru acknowledges her as his friend. Haru does not leave Shizuku’s side after returning to school. Originally from cartoonist Robico, My Little Monster is a school romance anime. A boy and a girl, who do not seem to make a well-matched pair at all, fall in love. The story itself may seem typical, but My Little Monster makes interesting variations on the characters. Shizuku only focuses on studying, thinking success is most important in life. She is not interested in friendship or love. That Shizuku is now attracted to the ‘monster.’ Haru is a ‘little master’ of a wealthy family but he lacks social skills. To ordinary people, he is just a ‘monster.’ This movie reminds of Beauty and the Beast, but ultimately My Little Monster concludes to Shizuku’s growing up. This is a story of Shizuku expanding herself and learning to accept who she is, which is done not by merely loving a man, but by seeing through a person who seemed to be a monster and falling in love. (KIM Bong-seok)



Born in in 1982, in Tokyo, Tsukikawa Sho graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. After making his director debut film, Kikkake wa You! (2011), he won the 2012 Short Film Festival & Asia with Good Coming Toru to Neko tamani Neko (2012). The movie Let Me Eat Your Pancreas (2017) is a huge hit, and many people look forward to his upcoming work.


  • ProducerIchikawa Minami
  • ScreenplayKaneko Arisa
  • Author of the Original WorkRobico
  • CinematographerNabeshima Atsuhiro
  • EditorTakita Ryuichi
  • MusicHyashi Yuki
  • Production DesignKozumi Koji
  • CastSuda Masaki, Tsuchiya Tao, Furukawa Yuki
  • SalesTOHO CO., LTD.