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The Night Eats the World
  • 워킹 데드 나잇
  • 워킹 데드 나잇
  • 워킹 데드 나잇
  • 워킹 데드 나잇
  • Claustrophobia
  • Zombies
  • Music & Dancing
  • France
  • 2018
  • 93min
  • Asian Premiere
  • 12
프로그램 정보
134 7/13   14:30CGV Bucheon 4
  • 12
  • 예매
420 7/16   20:00CGV Sopoong 4
  • 12
  • 예매
1013 7/22   12:00CGV Sopoong 2
  • 12
  • 예매

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On the day after a party in Paris, Sam wakes up to find that all the party guests have turned into bloodthirsty zombies – the zombies attack and humanity dies. This gruesome tale of one man's survival is an adaptation of Pit Agarmen's novel.

Program Note

Genre-wise The Night Eats the World sets itself up like a zombie film, but actually is more of a psychological drama. What would you do if you woke up one day to discover the world has been invaded by zombie? This kind of question is the starting point of imagination for most zombie-driven apocalyptic films, and the source of pleasure for the audience who seeks this genre. The interesting thing is that by limiting the stage to the story of a man isolated in his apartment, this film manages to just focus on imagining and suggesting a plausible answer to this inquiry. Despite its premise as a zombie genre, The Night Eats the World is ultimately a self-reflective meta genre that straightforwardly explores this question that doesn’t really delve too much into detail. In other words, this film is a modified tale of ‘Robinson Crusoe’. Does a ‘Friday’ exist to this urban version of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ or not? This is perhaps the most interesting question this film poses. (BYUN Sung-chan)


Dominique ROCHER
Dominique ROCHER

Dominique Rocher is a French film director who received spotlight at a short film contest hosted by Audi, the automobile company. After, he directed the ambitious science fiction drama, La Vitesse du Passé (2011), starring the international actress Melanie Thierry. The Nights Eats the World is his feature debut film.


  • ProducerCarole Scotta
  • ScreenplayGuillaume Lemans, Jérémie Guez
  • Author of the Original WorkPit Agarmen
  • CinematographerJordane Chouzenoux
  • EditorIsabelle Manquillet
  • MusicDavid Gubitsch
  • Production DesignSidney Dubois
  • CastAnders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani
  • SalesWTFilms