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Mom & Dad
  • 맘&대드
  • 맘&대드
  • 맘&대드
  • 맘&대드
  • 맘&대드
  • Freaked out
  • Organs
  • Psychopath
  • Hardgore
  • Action
  • USA
  • 2017
  • 83min
  • Korean Premiere
  • 18
프로그램 정보
108 7/13   20:00Korea Manhwa Museum
  • 18
  • 예매
602 7/18   16:00Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F)
  • 18
  • 예매
903 7/21   17:00Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F)
  • 18
  • 예매

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A teenage girl and her little brother must survive for 24 hours, during which unexplained mass hysteria causes the parents to hunt down their own kids. This movie offers exhilarating thrills surrounding a dark and warped subject.

Program Note

Loving devoted parents will do anything for their kids, but when mass hysteria hits a quiet U.S. suburb in Mom and Dad, they no longer have their children’s best interest at heart; in fact, they are turned into ruthless killers. Brent (Nicholas Cage), a father of two is on the verge of a midlife crisis while his wife Kendall (Selma Blair) is also unhappy, not least given the precarious relationship with her daughter Carly (Anne Winters) who’s more interested in her boyfriend Damon (Robert Cunningham). Her little brother Joshua (Zackary Arthur), meanwhile, likes causing havoc around the home.  At first, this middle-class family appear to have it all; a nice home, two cars, two children, but as a neurological virus that is transmitted through TV screens takes hold of a town, the parents’ resentment becomes toxic forcing the children to take refuge in the basement hiding from the very people who should protect them. With plenty of dark and bloody humour along with a touch of social critique, Brian Taylor’s (Crank) unorthodox feature and Nicholas Cage’s delirious performance are sure to leave an impression. (Jason BECHERVAISE)



After becoming famous commercial director, Brian Taylor set sights on the big screen. He participated as a co-director and scriptwriter for Adrenaline 24 (2006). He worked as a co-producer of the Tropic Thunder (2008) and finally directed his first solo feature Mom & Dad.


  • ProducerBrian Taylor
  • ScreenplayBrian Taylor
  • CinematographerDaniel Pearl
  • EditorFernando Villena
  • MusicMr.Bill
  • Production DesignJames Wise
  • CastNicolas Cage, Selma Blair
  • SalesXYZ Films