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Dead Night
  • 죽음을 부르는 밤
  • 죽음을 부르는 밤
  • 죽음을 부르는 밤
  • Freaked out
  • Psychopath
  • Hardgore
  • Family
  • USA
  • 2017
  • 82min
  • Asian Premiere
  • 18
프로그램 정보
335 7/15   15:30CGV Bucheon 3
  • 18
  • 예매
524 7/17   11:00CGV Bucheon 3
  • 18
  • gv
  • 예매
933 7/21   15:20CGV Sopoong 6
  • 18
  • 예매

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A caring mother loses her sanity, setting off a chain of events resulting in tragedy and murder. The story of Casey Pollack unfolds from two very different perspectives, when one night in the woods culminates in absolute terror.

Program Note

A caring mother and wife Casey (Brea Grant) persuades her family to take a trip to a secluded cabin in the mountains because it is rumoured to have healing powers that could help her ailing husband James (AJ Bowen) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  But as footage from a fictitious crime TV show is inserted into the narrative reveals that Casey has gone on a killing rampage murdering her entire family, it looks like this getaway was a bad idea. This is confirmed when James discovers a collapsed woman (Barbara Crampton) in the woods sparking off a series of mysterious and deadly encounters that culminates in a gruesome finale. Directed and co-written by Brad Baruh, the film’s idyllic snow-filled backdrop juxtaposed with supernatural elements creates a terrifying ambience reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining . Fans of genre cinema will also notice a number of other references, not least The Evil Dead (2013). (Jason BECHERVAISE)



Brad Baruh has participated in all Marvel cinematic universe films since 2008, including Iron Man 2 (2010) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018). He filmed his debut film Dead Night in the nearby mountains of Lake Tahoe, California, where he spent most of his time in childhood.


  • ProducerAndy Meyers, Bradford Baruh
  • ScreenplayIrving Walker
  • CinematographerKenton Drew Johnson
  • EditorMeghan Leon
  • MusicJoseph Bishara
  • Production DesignErik Porn, Chris Gallaher
  • CastBrea Grant, AJ Bowen, Sophie Dalah
  • SalesMPI Media Group