Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

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Tower. A Bright Day
  • 타워, 눈부신 날
  • 타워, 눈부신 날
  • 타워, 눈부신 날
  • 타워, 눈부신 날
  • Family
  • Psychic
  • Poland
  • 2017
  • 106min
  • Korean Premiere
  • 15
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310 7/15   15:20CGV Sopoong 2
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512 7/17   14:00CGV Sopoong 3
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Mula has been raising her sister’s child as her own. When her sister suddenly returns, Mula is deeply concerned she might want her child back. Yet the reason for her visit is very different.

Program Note

Mula is a strong woman who takes care of her husband, her young daughter Nina, and her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. When relatives arrive to celebrate Nina’s First Communion, Mula becomes nervous to see Kaja, her sister and Nina’s biological mother. While Kaja had disappeared for six years, Mula looked after her like a real mother. Compared to her calm sister, Mula gets overly sensitive. She panicks when her mother suddenly behaves in a normal way. Kaja seems to have a secret skill to communicate with kids. Children follow her. A priest stammers in the Communion. And adults collapse with suspicious food poisoning. Is Kaja a witch? Why do all the strange events happen? Tense sound and mysterious camerawork arouse ominous mood throughout the film. Sometimes humans feel unknown threat in a defenseless state, even when humans stand in the middle of peaceful forest and nature. Kaja’s controlled and slightly-changing facial expressions are perfectly matched with the whole atmosphere. This is an artistic horror illustrated with the witchlike, blasphemous and dismal mood. (Ellen Y.D. KIM)


Jagoda SZELC
Jagoda SZELC

from the School of Media and Graphic Arts at Wrocław University and majored in directing at the Lodz National Film School in Poland. Tower. A Bright Day is her feature debut, which won the Best Screenplay and Newcomer Director's Award at the 2017 Gdynia Film Festival.


  • ProducerMarcin Malatyński
  • ScreenplayJagoda Szelc
  • CinematographerPrzemyslaw Brynkiewicz
  • EditorPrzemyslaw Brynkiewicz
  • MusicTeoniki Rozynek
  • Production DesignNatalia Giza
  • CastAnna Krotoska, Malgorzata Szczerbowska
  • SalesMedia Move