Fantastic Cube is a movie themed cultural complex that opened in July of 2016 as BIFAN’s exclusive theater, and is composed of a cinema, library, and cafe.

‘Cube’ symbolizes the infinite potential presented by its total composition of 26 cubes and 54 sides. Within this backdrop, Fantastic Cube imagines the fantasy of a four-dimensional space based on director Vincenzo Natali’s movie, <Cube>, while also holding BIFAN’s aspirations of presenting both the present and future of genre films worldwide.

Starting from November of 2016, Fantastic Cube has been regularly screening a variety of films including much-talked-about movies from BIFAN, independent films, and recent hit movies. After screenings, audiences have a chance to engage in discussion sessions with the film’s director and actors along with personnel from cultural circles.

Fantastic Cube has been receiving a great deal of attention from both Bucheon’s citizens and film fanatics alike. As it continuously sells out seats for its screenings, Fantastic Cube’s solid programs increasingly deliver films that leave a lasting impression.

  • Location: Bucheon City Hall 1st Floor
  • Scale: Theater, library, and café