Project Spotlight 2017 : Vietnam

Project Spotlight is a program that selects a specific country in Asia each year and highlights its genre diversity. Project Spotlight is expected to stimulate active interactions with the selected country’s film industry and will serve as the opportunity to explore possibilities and examine the recent trend of its genre film industry.

Previous Project Spotlight Countries

Malaysia (2016), China (2015), Thailand (2014), The Philippines (2013), Indonesia (2012), Japan (2011), Taiwan (2010), Singapore(2009) and China (2008)

Project Spotlight Vietnam Pitching & Luncheon

  • Date : July 16(Sun) 11:30 ~ 14:00
  • Venue : 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon

Project Business Meeting

For the projects selected at NAFF, one-on-one business meeting opportunities are guaranteed with decision-makers in the Korean and international film industry. During the three-day session, the meeting table will provide presenting space for all the projects. The participants will sit with film investors and/or producers that are pre-arranged by NAFF to maximize the possibilities of developing the submissions into an actual production. The duration of each meeting will be 30 minutes. NAFF Project market promises a firsthand unique experience and an effective system that allows individuals to discuss collaborating with producers for an actual film production, as well as funding options. The event also allows individuals to explore the possibilities of future joint production and investments.

  • Date : July 16(Sun) ~ 17(Mon) 09:00 ~18:00
    July 18(Tue) 09:00 ~ 12:00
  • Venue : 3F Koryo Hotel Bucheon