Many people have their eyes on the emergence of new media; some with eyes full of anticipation, others with suspicion. What about you? How do you view the world that's being created by virtual reality?

Saying that something is "new" is a cliche of familiarity. From the beginning of time, mankind has longed to overcome the gravitational pull of "reality" that drags us down to our base lives on Earth - to launch our existence into a different time and space. Coming into contact with the existence of truth that lies somewhere out there. The essence of storytelling goes beyond the limitations of media and is in accordance with the essence of mankind to achieve rapid growth in life. How much further can we go this time? We would like you to join us in looking at the domain that has been expanded by VR over the past year.

For that reason , we have built a village that is unfamiliar. Let's look in awe at how the technology that has been molded by cinematic imagination is learning to walk, one step at a time. A species that wildly mixes reality with fantasy and then gleans pleasure from finding hidden treasures. A desire for the stories of mankind. Innovations in the field of VR will come from narratives. Do you have what it takes to differentiate reality from fantasy?

Things you will experience. Things you will imagine that go beyond what you have experienced. Bring those things with you and add them to the village. Experience the expansion in your perceptions and connections.

BIFAN VR Village

  • Date : July 13(Fri) ~ July 21(Sun) 10:00 ~ 21:00
    July 22(Sun) 10:00 ~ 15:00
  • Venue : Bucheon Central Park, Coral Room @ Koryo Hotel 3F
  • Spnosor : YH WORLD Co.,Ltd, Korean Film Council's Korean Academy of Film Arts

VR (Virtual Reality) Panel Talk

VR is preparing to take a technological and industrial leap. We'll be hearing from creators who are widening the intersection of art and technology to achieve innovation in the field of contents. They'll talk about their visions and the most urgent tasks they are faced with.

  • Moderator : CHOI Soo-young CJ VR/AR LAB
  • Topics :
    - Technological advances that are opening new possibilities for storytellers
    - Production know-how that demolishes the boundary between technique and art.
    - The Future of VR Storytelling: Interaction or Immersion?