Official Symbol: Cell of Fantasy

In celebration of BIFAN's 20th anniversary, the festival symbol was rebranded to strengthen the festival's identity. The rebranded symbol, 'Cell of Fantasy', holds diverse possibilities and symbolizes the energy of BIFAN as it brims with new imagination each year.

Cell of Fantasy's free-form shape with its contrasting visual cues (e.g. yin and yang, contraction and expansion) is a metaphor for themes embraced by BIFAN, including love, fantasy, adventure, and imagination.


22nd Emblem







(Director: KIM Kangmin,
Production Company: Open The Portal)

In line with BIFAN 2018's official 'horror' concept, the trailer for this year pays homage to Wes CRAVEN's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Drawing inspiration from the film's iconic bed scene, the process of Freddy's transformation into the Cell of Fantasy was ingeniously restructured. The house on Elm Street and the basement, which are Freddy's main stages, were used as the trailer's setting, and the texture of styrofoam was used to create a unique sense of tension. The peculiar and original character and the mise-en-scene of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which is represented with bright red blood, were expressed by using stop motion techniques.

  • Director | Kangmin KIM
  • - Graduate of SADI's Communication Design program
  • - BFA, MFA in Experimental Animation, CalArts (California In stitute of the Arts)
  • - Co-founder of STUDIO ZAZAC

KIM Kangmin has won numerous awards for his animation short Deer Flower (2015) at film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, and the official trailer he directed for BIFAN 2017 was invited to the Commissioned Animation section of the Ottawa Animation Festival. KIM Kangmin's most recent short film, JEOM (2018), was invited to Sundance 2018 and won the Special Jury Recognition award at SXSW. He works with a team of stop motion artists at his studio to use hand crafted media to make creative visuals and is regarded as a pioneer of the stop motion animation genre.